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Managed IT Services: Why You Need It

If you’ve ever needed help managing your IT solutions, but can’t hire an on-site team, managed IT services are the perfect solution for you.

Why managed IT services? They’re a cost-effective means of managing your business’s network without having to hire an entire team and purchasing expensive equipment. Your business still gets all the benefits of consulting IT experts, with day-to-day management taken care of for you.

What Is Managed IT Services?

The term “managed IT services” refers to the remote management of a business’s technology and network. With an on-site team, a business would be responsible for paying the team and purchasing all of the necessary architecture and equipment, replacing them when they become obsolete or need to be replaced. If something becomes obsolete, it would fall on the business to replace the equipment or upgrade it.

A managed IT services team remotely manages a business’s network, taking on the responsibility instead. A managed service team is still a full-time IT team—the only difference is that they’re a contractor or with a third-party company, not an employee for the business itself.

What Does a Managed IT Services Team Do?

A managed IT services team is responsible for maintenance and the general management of a business’s data and core network. The team will proactively monitor for potential problems and keep your business running smoothly, as well as offer assistance should any problems emerge for the end-user.

A managed IT service provider may charge a subscription or monthly fee for their services. Instead of having a team of IT professionals on staff, you’re working with a third-party company and with their own team for their services. This can include strategic IT consulting, network assessments and software updates. The team itself is remote and may not be physically present in your office, but they still have the same capabilities as an on-site team.

man working on cabling demonstrating what managed IT services is

How Can I Get Managed IT Services At My Business?

You can sign up for a remote IT team through a managed services provider. For a flat fee or subscription every month, the team will manage your network and provide you with proactive IT support every step of the way. The team will be able to provide support with troubleshooting issues as they arise, and can provide strategic advice for your long-term success.

The managed services market is huge, with IT infrastructure and data management taking the biggest slice of the pie. If you want managed IT services at your business, you’ll have your pick of professionals and experts to help manage your business’s network. If you know your business needs a lot of proactive tech support, then managed IT services are probably a good fit.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using Managed IT Services?

The main benefits of managed IT services are actually the same as why you need managed IT services at your business:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Responsiveness
  • Flexibility

Because the team is responsible for remotely managing your systems, you don’t need to worry about adding a team of full-time IT professionals to your payroll costs. You still get the same access to the expertise you need for a smaller fee. Outsourcing technical services like IT can be especially cost-effective if you’re a small- or medium-sized business expecting to grow.

Beyond being a great way to lower costs, managed IT services offer responsiveness and flexibility you might not otherwise have with an in-house team. Since the remote team is proactively monitoring your network, problems are solved before they arise, potentially protecting you from data loss. You’re saving money and protecting your business at the same time!

Get IT Support When You Need It

Managed IT services teams are a great solution for any growing business, marrying cost-effectiveness with flexibility. Even if you don’t have complex needs for your core network and technology, managed IT services can help you easily manage your day-to-day IT needs. Because you pay a flat, monthly fee for the service, you know exactly what your expenses are each month and there are no surprises!

Managed IT service teams also take on the heavy lifting of hardware upgrades and software updates, eliminating the hassle of replacing obsolete equipment or hardware. This is all part of the proactive support a managed IT services team can provide, along with responsive troubleshooting.

You can still get top-notch IT support from your team while preventing future problems before they disrupt your daily business. IT service companies like Data Line Solutions offer convenient and flexible options for remote management. You’ll have a team of experts to help you with adding workstations, watching your network and managing your data.

Simplify Your Business’s IT Management!