Wi-Fi Installation

The Top Benefits of Hospitality Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi is becoming a baseline amenity at hotels and resorts. Now that most devices can connect to the internet, many guests will want or need a speedy, reliable connection during their stay. The best way to provide this is for your hotel’s guests is with hotspots and internet in every room, as well as common areas such as the lobby.

Beyond just browsing your favorite social media channel, Wi-Fi can provide you and your guests with some substantial benefits, including new opportunities for revenue generation and some serious return on investment.

What Are Hospitality Wi-Fi Solutions?

Installing Wi-Fi isn’t a DIY project. You’ll want an expert to survey your hotel and design a cabling structure that can support your entire network. The results will be well worth it when all of your guests have access to high-speed internet in their rooms or even streaming services on their room’s T.V.

You can deploy a wireless network for your hotel guests as well as your staff with the help of an IT service provider. Depending on the size of your hotel, the provider will need to design a cabling system with enough access points that adequately cover the entire property.

The Top 3 Benefits of Installing Wi-Fi at Your Hotel or Resort

Offer an Enhanced Guest Experience and Generate More Return Stays

When you bring in a new amenity to your hotel or resort, you’re adding to the guest experience. A better guest experience can translate into return stays, which then generates a return on investment (ROI) with a much lower cost than just acquiring more guests. Return guests are more valuable than new guests, so the better the guest experience, the more ROI you’ll generate.

Wi-Fi, in today’s interconnected world, is a must-have for most hotel guests — especially business travelers. But whether they’re working or relaxing, being able to connect to social media, check email or stream a favorite movie requires a reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi connection. And the only way to ensure your network can offer that reliability and speed is to work with a professional IT service provider for installing and deploying your new network.

Build a Foundation for Better Efficiency With Your Staff

With a high-speed Wi-Fi network at your hotel, you can scale your business easily without worrying if you have the bandwidth to support your own growth. A reliable network will be able to support new technologies like hospitality point-of-sale (POS) systems, smart devices like Nest thermostats and RFID locks and card readers.

These new kinds of technology and tools aren’t the only things a high-speed Wi-Fi network can support, either. If you bring on more staff, a reliable wireless network and cabling infrastructure will still be able to support your growing needs. Even if you have multiple people using specialized POS systems, you can still expect reliable Wi-Fi coverage and speedy connection. Whether you want to hire more staff or upgrade your entire POS system, you can do it with a hospitality Wi-Fi network.

Create Tiered Packages and Amenities for Business Travelers and Events

If your hotel or resort regularly hosts conferences and events, then you know a good internet connection is absolutely essential. But beyond just providing an enhanced guest experience, you can use your hospitality Wi-Fi network to add even more value by creating Wi-Fi packages and bundles for business travelers.

While you may already have free Wi-Fi for all guests and visitors in your hotel’s public spaces with your network, you can also offer higher-speed downloads and connectivity for a flat or hourly fee. Business travelers who may need to stream video calls or require a more powerful connection will be glad for the convenience if you have faster internet access available. And any convention-goer needing to use your Wi-Fi for a presentation can also take advantage of these packages. By just offering these tiered packages, you’ve added a new opportunity for revenue and a return on investment.

Hospitality Wi-Fi Solutions Offer More than Just Access to the Internet

If you’re looking for a way to boost revenue and guest satisfaction at the same time, then a high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi network is your best solution. A new wireless network will also help support any of your growing technological needs, so you can upgrade other systems like your POS or security.

When it comes to bringing in a wireless network to your hotel, you want an expert to design the network, install the necessary structured cabling system and deploy it all. At Data Line Technologies, we’ll work with you to find the best system layout for your hotel or resort and install everything. And once your system is installed and deployed, we can also help manage it for you with remote managed IT services. Why wait? Get a free quote for your hotel resort and start bringing in more revenue for your hospitality business!

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